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Bryan started out with a B.A. in business from Western Illinois University, where he worked in financing for a brief period of time. He soon realized this industry didn’t suit his make-up and went back to school at Southern Illinois University (SIU). There he studied land surveying and earned a B.S. in advanced technical studies.

After graduating from SIU, he moved to Tucson, AZ., and has made the Southwest his home ever since. He considers himself a desert creature and enjoys the unique working relationship with the Sonoran Desert, its peoples, culture, and everything it offers.

For over a decade, Bryan worked on the road traveling throughout the U.S. and numerous other countries, mainly in North and South America. This type of work and life experience allowed Bryan to be involved in numerous survey projects with a myriad of world-class minds. As a result of his two decades of surveying experience and unique background, Bryan is able to meet the needs of almost any surveying and boundary retracement project. He is registered and licensed in the states of Arizona and Colorado and considers himself a diligent student of case law and boundary retracement theory.

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If you have an inquiry or would like to request service, I prefer to be contacted by the phone number listed below. Otherwise, feel free to fill out the contact form on this page and I will get back to you as soon as I can, thanks!

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