AZ Case Law

1903, IND
Ayers v. Huddleston
Law vs Fact Question – Lines run on ground are factual questions
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1985, ID
Broadhead v. Hawley
Deed – Extrinsic evidence
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2012, WA
Butler v. Coyle
Common Grantor (Math vs Monuments)
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1967, AZ
Chantler v. Wood
Common Grantor – Strength of title exception – Equity will not suffer a wrong
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1972, AZ
Cheatham v. Vanderwey
Adverse Possession – Tacking or Mother Hubbard Clause
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1970, CA
Duncan v. Peterson
BLA – Title docs are not affect
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1967, WA
Lamm v. McTighe
5 Doctrines for conflict – Title documents redefined by boundary on the ground
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1960, AZ
McNeil v. Attaway
Common Grantor doctrine – Parol Evidence explained
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2003, AZ
Mealey v. Arndt
Aquiescence & Reliance Doctrine – existing monuments
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2004, AZ
Pleak v. Entrada
Common law dedication of roadway easements, More than 2 types of roads, Fee title
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1899, AL
Shaw v. State
Surveying does not involve title – ONLY LOCATION – the matter of limits the land covers
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1950, AZ
Wacker v.Price
Best available evidence doctrine – Practical location doctrine at play – Hierarchy of Evidence
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